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Private Labels

We do extensive private labeling of wine for individuals, companies, and restaurants.  We can do as few as a single label or as many as hundreds of cases. We have Cab-Merlot, and Chardonnay waiting for your label.

All labels must be approved by the Federal Government, so if you just need a few labels, you will want to use our pre-approved templates.  Choose from one of the templates below.  Email us your verbiage and artwork and we will work up a label for you.

Silver foil wedding bells on a cream label stock.
Our Wedding
Bride & Groom first names
Wedding date

Gold foil grapes on a cream stock
Good for horizontal business logos or straight text.
Working space: 3" wide by 2" high

Large blank canvas in cream or white
Good for pictures or square logos.
Working space: 4" high by 3" wide


If you want a label that is all yours, we must submit it for approval.  This can take as little as a week's time, but the TTB works on Federal time.  Here are three examples of custom labels.



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