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London, England - Big Ben Norway - Most Northern Point in Europe
Berlin, Germany - At the Berlin Wall Pompei, Italy
Bremen, Germany - The Musicians of Bremen Rome, Italy - The Coliseum
Aschaffenburg, Germany - Castle Johannisburg Siena, Italy
Copenhagen, Denmark - Famous Statue Moscow, Russia - Red Square
Paris, France - Eifel Tower Stratford, England - Ann Hathaway Cottage
Malbork, Poland Malmo, Sweden
Erlensee, Germany Istanbul, Turkey - The Blue Mosque
Holland Mt. Vesuvius, Italy
Mont Ste Michele, France Windsor Castle, England
Sicily, Italy Driffield, Yorkshire, England
Russian Border, Norway Southern Germany
Anglesea Abbey, Cambridge, England Chateauneuf-du-pape, France
Prague, Czechoslovakia Budapest, Hungary on the Blue Danube
Aillwee Cave, Ireland The Mosel River, Germany
Isle of Jersey St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
Hotel Room, Venice, Italy Lempriere Street, Isle of Jersey
Museum of Wine, Paris, France Brugges, Belgium
Brcko, Bosnia Sarajevo
Sarajevo Stirling Castle, Scotland
Rail Museum in Flam Norway Bonair on Rhine, Germany
Innenstadt, Germany Rhine River, Germany
Great Palace at Peterhof Christina at the biggest glacier in Europe!
Cristina visits cousins in Iceland Christina with a bottle of Chardonnay