How to Order Wine
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Shipping wine is not that simple.  It is a felony to ship to many states and if we break any state laws, we can lose our federal license. (Thank you, (M)oron Hatch R-Utah for protecting big business in the name of children.) The Supreme Court verdict opened up a lot of states, but the cost and bureaucratic restrictions prevent small wineries from taking advantage of the laws.

Your state may be legal for us to ship to, but they may require a license fee and monthly reports.  We do not do enough business in any state to warrant the expense in money or time.  State reports take about 3 hours each to fill out. Multiply that by 50 states.

Presently we ship to: Washington, Alaska, Florida (not to dry zip codes), and Minnesota. We can ship to Arizona, but you must first visit the winery in person. Washington, D.C. limit 3 bottles. If you are from one of those states, you may order by downloading our order form. Fill it out and save it to your computer.  Attach it to an email. We are not allowed to take you credit card information over the internet for security reasons. You must phone your payment information to 509.829.6027.

If your state is not listed, please contact Madwine..   They can get our wines and seem to ship most everywhere. Since they buy wholesale from us, there may be no difference in price.

Washington State Residents please note: Washington now has a destination-based sales tax.

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